Kentucky Deer Hunting Prices

Non-Resident Hunting License - $150

Non-Resident Deer Permit - $185

Youth Non Resident License - $10

Youth Non Resident Deer Permit - $15

(Youth 15 years old or younger)

Here at Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters we do not hunt week after week throughout the season from September through January. We hunt specific periods in September, October, November and December for best hunting and success for our clients. This reduces hunting pressure by allowing down time between each hunt. 


Field work, Scouting and Trail cameras continue throughout the season but our scheduled hunts are arranged during the time we think it's best to be here hunting for a Trophy buck. Each hunt is specific to happenings while you are here in the woods. Our early season Archery hunts will have you hunting for a chance at velvet bucks in summer patterns and which may still be in bachelor groups.

Early October is centered around acorns dropping and corn field harvesting. Our pre-rut archery hunts in late October and early November is the time to use calling, hunt rub lines and scrapes as buck activity increases each day as bucks begin to seek and chase does.

The rut hunting here at Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters can be great. The rut generally carries into into mid November. This stretch of the season and month allows you to chase Kentucky Whitetails with archery and rifles as the Kentucky rifle season opens the Second Saturday in November. Archery hunting is allowed during rifle season, however, hunter orange laws must be followed. We have some guys who will book a couple days of bow hunting and wrap up their hunt over opening weekend of rifle season with a firearm. 

Finally we get into late Muzzle-loader season which CAN coincide with a second rut. This will vary from year to year, but generally we see some hint of rutting activity during this 9 day season. Colder weather and food sources is usually the key to best action and success on this hunt. Teens to Twenties at night and 30's during the day are ideal for this hunt. A little snow can make it even more interesting. This hunt is where late season food plots and supplemental food proves positive. 

If you consider our limited number of hunt dates, hunter numbers, and controlled hunting pressure across multiple farms, the result is quality hunting at an affordable price where you control your other expenses such as food and lodging.

We book 4 archery hunters per hunt. 6-8 Muzzleloader hunters and 8 Rifle hunters. NOT per week, this is PER scheduled hunt that are listed below.



September Archery hunts.... $1,000.00  4 day hunts in September  

September 7-8-9-10th

September 13-14-15-16th 

October Pre-Rut/Rut..... $1,200.00  4-days October 24-27 or October 31st-Nov 3rd

Kentucky Archery Rut hunts.... $1,500.00  5-days , November 3-7th

Full Rut Rifle Hunts ... $1,800.00 4-days (November 9-12th) 

Full Rut Rifle Hunts.... $1,800.00 4-days  (November 14-17th) 


October Muzzleloader hunts..... $600 October 19-20th

December Muzzleloader ..... $800.00 Any 4-days December 14-22nd 

50% deposit required to book hunt dates. 

Kentucky's hunting license and deer permits are purchased over the counter. Or you may purchase them online. If purchased online we recommend waiting until a day or two before you leave for your hunt. You never know what may come up and you will not see a refund for license or permit purchases. Do NOT purchase a small game, 1 day or 7-day hunting license. These are not legal or valid for Deer hunting in Kentucky. You must purchase a Big Game License. 





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