Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters Deer Hunting

Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters offers some of the best deer hunting opportunities to score a Kentucky trophy buck.  We hunt up to 4 archery hunters, 6-8 rifle hunters and 6 muzzle-loader hunters per hunt in Kentucky.  We focus on providing deer hunts during what we consider peek times for Archery.  Hunts here at Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters are limited. Our Trophy Hunts are also true trophy hunts. We are not telling you what you can and cannot shoot. No one travels to Kentucky to kill a small buck. Hunters themselves really control and manage what is being killed and we've never felt a real need to set minimum on bucks. This combined with fair chase, free range whitetails and limited hunting opportunities we simply do not see an over harvest of younger bucks. We also support killing does. This is a big part of management 101. The helps insure proper balance between bucks and does and reduces the overall use of food plots, agriculture and other food sources.

We do not put all our eggs and chances into one property hoping it all works out and we catch a break.  Trophy Hunting is about being where the Trophy Bucks are at the right time.  We are as mobile as a Trophy Hunter can get. Being mobile and hunting low-pressured areas is the key to success on deer hunts with limited hunting time.  We have just about every habitat that Western Kentucky has to offer in terms of trophy deer hunting on the farms we hunt. These areas have produced Trophy Bucks for years. We may hunt one property of the morning, another property in the afternoon. Different stands for different winds. For instance we may only hunt a property if we get a Southern wind. We hunt as smart as we can for the period of time you will be here hunting with us.

We provide limited trophy hunts that are personal. Generally you are not going to see numbers of deer.  We need our customers to Harvest bucks and our setups are to kill such. We do not try to simply make our bucks last by setting up hunters to see the bucks instead of Killing that buck or to see doe and fawns.  Nor are we advertising you will see 50 deer a day and half of them bucks. That just is not typical of any hunting in Kentucky and you should be cautioned if told so. In most all situations we are hunting a particular buck and not simply setup to see deer in general. You will see deer, but seeing 20-30 deer per sit doesn't happen to every hunter. It happens, but should not be expected. Depending on the time of year you are here hunting will dictate activity levels and expectations. We do encourage killing does and will discuss this with those hunters wanting to tag a doe for the freezer or if we need to reduce does on a particular property. However, we also do not want to see this get in the way of  you putting a tag on a trophy buck or button bucks being shot.

Our bow hunter's experience up close and personal shots with most being 12-18 yards. We do not restrict you on what you see as a trophy buck. We can do this because we are not running hunter after hunter on these properties. Nor are people traveling to Kentucky to shoot just any deer. Most of you can do that at home. We help gauge the class of buck you should consider shooting while here and from there you make the shot decision. You can hunt and not be influenced by some minimum inch requirement or a monetary penalty.

Our hunters are not stuck to one property and a handful of stands. We hunt the best activity, sign and stands while you are here. 

We may hunt a stand on one property of the mornings and another farm and stand location for the evening sit. As a hunter you are never tied down to one farm and limited stand locations. This isn't to say you would not hunt the same stand on more than one occasion. Weather and wind direction are also factored into the hunt plan and on some days a property may not be hunted due to an unfavorable wind direction. 

Outside the food and lodging everything else about your hunt is handled.  (NO lodging, licenses, or meals provided )  Trophy Hunts can be setup from 3 to 6 days.

Fair Chase, Private Land, Kentucky Whitetail Deer Hunting