Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters involves four generations of hunters. The hunts we offer are the result of the passion we have for bow hunting. We consider ourselves to be a Bow hunting first operation, while we do offer Muzzle-loader and Rifle hunts. We are firm believers in killing does in the overall idea of game management and providing limited Muzzle-loader and Rifle hunts allows us to better accomplish those goals.  

We started as a family ran operation and it remains that today. We are each accomplished archers, proven bow hunters and know our way around the woods. We know how to setup a stand, play the wind and avoid being as intrusive as possible when targeting a big buck. We've put bucks in the Pope and Young books. We've even had a couple bucks just miss Boone and Crocket.

Unlike many outfitters it's not about the numbers game and getting as many hunters through in a short-window as possible. That is evident by the number of hunters we book. We're not advertising 30,000 acres or even 10,000 acres of hunting land which would mean an outfit would have to run a Hunter Mill to cover his expenses each season. We're not out to sell you a hunt. We're not out to sell you a deer. We can't guarantee you a kill or even promise you will see a shooter class buck. Nor can we control what the hunter does while in the stand. In the Whitetail world there are simply far too many unknowns and variables that can come into play.

What we can promise is you will be hunting private land managed for Kentucky Trophy Bucks and while here, Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters will work hard to put a buck in front of you.

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Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters

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