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Kentucky deer hunters have been taking the record books by storm in recent years with some of the finest Trophy Bucks Harvested in the Country.  Kentucky bucks are coming from the Rolling Hills, Agricultural Land, Hardwood Ridges and Bottom Land that make up Western Kentucky. Kentucky is a hunt to come experience and remember.  Some of the finest Kentucky Whitetails are right here in the heart of Western Kentucky and the record books don't lie. Some of the greatest Hunting in the state and arguably the country is right here in Western Kentucky and Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters counties.

Kentucky has been a sleeper state for years but not any longer... The record books are proving it with the sheer numbers being reported in Kentucky, and as most know its drawing deer hunters and some big names which is probably why you are looking to hunt Kentucky. Over the counter tags that are easy to get, no application, no drawing. Cheaper license and tags than most other mid-west states make hunting here virtually hassle free.

Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters deer hunts are conducted on multiple private farms during peek hunting times.  KWO provides the transportation to and from our hunting properties. We get you to the stand locations each day, track any deer shot and recover that deer. Our Kentucky deer hunts offer private land Kentucky Hunting. Give us a call to start your Kentucky hunt. 


Bring your bow, gun or muzzleloader and leave everything else behind. If you don't want to leave the wife or kids at home, we are kid and wife friendly and can accommodate any of their needs on a hunt for them as well.

We hunt multiple farms across multiple counties in Western Kentucky. Our farms range in size from 65 acres to more than 800 acres. Unlike other states in the mid-west Kentucky does not have large expanses of private land holdings. Even agriculture operations often comprise of multiple leases to make up thousands of acres for farming. 

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